Personally, I support Rhianna”s right to tweet , “# Free Palestine” .

As someone quite rightly pointed out on the news last night ” Isreal is surrounded by enemies.” There is a reason for that. Isreal is a parasitic nation of of beggars. The USA is a disgrace in it’s shameless support of these murderess slobs. NO better than the terrorists Hamas, who at least are what they are.

I wonder how tough Isreal would be If the United States stopped paying for it’s very existence. 

Just because this country’s politicians enjoy sucking Zionist bullocks does NOT mean that every member of this nation (supposedly a free country) is obligated to join in. 

In recent months several celebrities have very quickly retracted and apologized for comments deemed “racist” by media. That’s disgusting. 

Mark Cuban. Gary Oldman, Rhianna. Grow a set. Stand up for yourselves. This used to be the land of free……….. :(

I think this little guy is almost as awesome as my man.
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Ceil Chapman evening dress, 1950’s
From 1stdibs

Ceil Chapman evening dress, 1950’s
From 1stdibs

Ceil Chapman evening dress, 1950’s
From 1stdibs


Ceil Chapman evening dress, 1950’s

From 1stdibs


It’s funny I always thought this must have been a cover, but it was written by Strummer and Jones. 

"My daddy was a bank robber
But he never hurt nobody
He just loved to live that way
And he loved to steal your money

Some is rich, and some is poor
That’s the way the world is
But I don’t believe in lying back
Sayin’ how bad your luck is

So we came to jazz it up
We never loved a shovel
Break your back to earn your pay
An’ don’t forget to grovel

The old man spoke up in a bar
Said I never been in prison
A lifetime serving one machine
Is ten times worse than prison

Imagine if all the boys in jail
Could get out now together
Whadda you think they’d want to say to us?
While we was being clever

Someday you’ll meet your rocking chair
'Cause that's where we're spinning
There’s no point to want to comb your hair
When it’s grey and thinning

Run rabbit run
Strike out boys, for the hills
I can find that hole in the wall
And I know that they never will

Aha!The old terry cloth face lift! 😜


I think I love you
They think I’m desperate
Give me the ring
C’mon let’s prove it

Let’s get married
And ride away
Let’s get married
And rot away

Torture the bridesmaids
Make them wear lime green
Lie to the pastor
Promise forever

Let’s get married
And rot away
Let’s get married
And rot away

I’m almost thirty
When are you gonna give me a baby?
Let’s get a doggie
And tie it to a chain

Fight over TV
My headache grows
I’ll show you sides of me
You’d never want to know

Fight over dinner
Put on weight
If you change your sweatpants
I’ll shave my legs

Juliana Hatfield - Let’s Get Married


I won’t claim to be a Hatfield fan per se, but she’s very definitely talented. An acquired taste I guess. Someone who is so far up their own back passage they have no grasp on reality and yet, constantly screaming for approval. 

Anyway, I only have lyrics; I’m not clever, like this one.

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#tbt Another stunner from the same campaign. #80s #blonde #model

#tbt advertisement for clairol. #80s #blonde #model

Bollocks!I changed the flower but I don’t like the size or placement. Doh!
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